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My Story

I have always loved photography. When I was younger my dad said that my mom and him would give me a box of old photos. And I would sit for hours looking through all those old family pictures. Since then my love for photography has only grown. I remember getting my first Kodak 110 camera. I would buy rolls of film and take pictures of my family as a child. Afterwards I would run and get them developed at the local stores around town. Those three days of waiting until you pick up your photos, seemed like the longest three days ever. When the local chain stores started offering next day service. I was in heaven. Now everything has changed you can get your photos developed within the next hour. Or look at those images on the back of your camera or cell phone. One thing that that still remains the same is my love for photography. I still love looking through all the old photos. Over time we forget things, places we visited, loved ones who have passed away. But a photo brings you right back to that day , that moment. I urge you to take lots of photos. Be a part of those memories. Be in those photos. When your grand kids one day are looking through your family photos. Make sure they see you being a part of those memories. Don't make another reason not to be in those photos. Don't wait until you lose those few extra pounds or until you have something you feel is nice enough for those photos. I can tell as a little girl looking through that box. I never remember saying look at my grandma's hair out of place, or her dress looks like it's probably seen better days. I thought very proudly that's my grandmother, mom, etc. They are memories I treasure and hold very dear to my heart. Be a part of those moments and those memories .

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