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Cake Smash Guide

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                             TIPS FOR YOUR CAKE SMASH SESSION



                                                               WHEN SHOULD I SCHEDULE

If you’d like to use your portraits to display at baby’s birthday party I recommend having your session take place when your little one is 10  1/2 -11 months old. This will give you time to make prints and order any products that you’d like to display.

                                                                     BRING SNACKS  

Bring some puffs or small snacks that your baby enjoys. This is a great little trick to help us get some great images even if little one isn’t interested in smashing the cake. We will just stick them right into the back of the cake.  Also, have a sippy cup or bottle nearby in case your little one gets thirsty or needs a break.

                                               WHEN CHOOSING A CAKE 

If you’re picking up your cake the day before your session please remember to take it out of the refrigerator a few hours in advance so that the icing can soften. A hard, cold cake is no fun to smash.  Because there are so many different food allergies out there these days (dairy, wheat, sugar, etc) I always ask that my clients provide the cake. This gives you full control over what’s inside of the cake. I recommend choosing a vanilla cake. Avoid chocolate, I know all my chocolate lovers just read this and thought what no chocolate! Let me explain, chocolate cake and red velvet, and any heavily dyed cakes/frosting. When taking close up photos, where the context of the cake is removed, chocolate and red velvet can look a bit like…bodily fluids. Heavily dyed cakes can stain the skin fairly quickly, and you may not want photos of your baby as a Smurf.

                                                    READY TO PARTICIPATE

Some babies don’t quite get the hang of the smash right away so you may need to encourage them to dig in. Also once the little one tries to get up and take off , I usually have mom or dad pick them up and put them back near the cake . And the reason being is, if I try to pick your little one up , and they aren’t familiar with me, he or she may start to cry , and of course we don’t want that to happen .


                                                                      CAN SIBLINGS COME

Siblings, especially those under 4, don’t understand why they can’t have cake too. I always say parents know their children best. This session is a special occasion for your little one. It may be a tug of war to keep siblings away for the first few photos of those precious moments of the baby digging into the cake. So I say use your own judgement.


                                                                THIS COULD GET MESSY

So be sure to bring an extra outfit for baby and possibly one for yourself. I would wear clothes that you do not mind getting messed up. The chances of you getting cake all over you are really good so keep that in mind . 

                                                                           SPLISH SPLASH

I like to finish cake smash session with a splash. Makes clean up for your little one so much easier. They usually enjoy splashing around for a few minutes. And it makes for some great pictures.


                                     WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU

The cake
puffs or other small treats that your baby enjoys.  A water cup, 4 outfits, you will need at least one outfit for the before the cake pictures.  If you don’t want them to get cake all over that outfit you will need a separate outfit for them to wear while they are eating their cake.  You will need to bring one backup outfit in case of any accidents and they need to change. You will need an outfit for them to wear once they are all cleaned up and the session is finished.  Bring a bag to put all clothes in that is covered in cake. I do keep the sunroom a little warm to keep the little one comfortable. So you may want to dress in just like a T-shirt lol, because it does get warm. Also I would wear clothes that you do not mind getting messed up. The chances of you getting cake all over you are really good so keep that in mind.


                                                                           AND LASTLY

A cake smash session can go two ways, and I’m prepared to photograph either! Some one year olds love cake and will go to town eating the cake and they just can’t get enough. Other one year olds are scared of the cake, they will cry and won’t eat any cake. I like parents to be prepared for both possibilities. When a one year old cries from not wanting to smash the cake some parents can be disappointed. I understand this can be difficult when you wanted the cute, messy and funny cake smash pictures. Children have a mind of their own and we will encourage as much as possible to smash the cake just know the possibility they may enjoy splashing more in the tub than the cake.

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